Distinct New Media


The experience taught Distinct New Media that they must always orient towards the clients’ needs. This way, they have succeeded each time to professionally respond to any and all inquiries, providing unique services. They’ve learned to be open to challenges, succeeding to develop their own products and services, that meet the highest quality standards. They bring customers a plus through responsibility.

Since 2001, Distinct provides infrastructure and maintenance of Internet services and applications. Distinct’s offer includes hosting in datacenter, managed services and SaaS. Distinct clients are companies whose success depends on the proper functioning of computer applications such as content services, e-commerce, internet banking or email. They are a Cisco Partner, hold ISO 9001:2008 and a certificate of network or communication services supplier issued by the National Authority of Communications (Autoritatea Nationala de Comunicatii (ANC). Since 2010 they are members of the National Association of Internet Service Providers (ANISP/RONIX) and Interlan.

Distinct New Media knows that society needs good experts in technology, serious, adaptable, organized, that have good knowledge in this field. IT is a field that changes very fast and they’ve learned to continuously adjust to these changes. Therefore, they have developed new and innovative products and services, becoming the best in the area of activity in the IT market.

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