Software Developer/Solution Arhitect/Team Lead

Technical requirements Senior Software Developer & Technical Team Lead:

  • Must: advanced knowledge of PHP, SQL, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, Code review and Git;
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming;
  • Experience with various frameworks (e.g.: Laravel, Yii, Symfony, jQuery, Angular, React);
  • Experience in software design is required;

Architect Solution Requirements:

  • Experience in a similar position (senior technical, technical lead);
  • Experience in developing large projects;
  • Solution oriented;
  • Practical experience with Agile and Waterfall methodologies;
  • Experience in identifying and applying design patterns, integration patterns and refactoring concepts;
  • Experience in dealing with the client and good client management skills;
  • Experience in developing / defining architectures oriented towards web services, microservices;
  • Knowledge of DevOps processes;
  • Knowledge of cloud services and their applicability.

Non-technical requirements for Senior Software Developer & Technical Team Lead & Solution Architect:

  • Advanced knowledge of English: reading, comprehension, writing and speaking;
  • Good presentation skills, verbal and written communication, listening;
  • Agile, constructive and creative mentality;
  • Responsibility, proactivity and curiosity;
  • Thinking oriented towards identifying causes, solving problems and continuous improvement.

Job description:

The open position is part of the Production department of our company (Designer, FE DEV, BE DEV, PM, QA, Solution Architect);

Senior Software Developer & Technical Team Lead Role Description:

The main responsibilities are:

  • Development of new modules and applications;
  • Documentation on algorithms and technologies needed in application development;
  • Ensuring maintenance for existing applications;
  • Developments will be made for:
    – Projects implemented on international e-commerce platforms in the company’s portfolio;
    – Custom software, made to order for our domestic and international clients;
    – CustomSoft products – Eva e-commerce and mAIa.
  • Providing the necessary technical support to fellow developers and testers for the various situations they face;
  • Identifying the best technical solution for the assigned tasks, considering both the technical and business indicators relevant for each project;
  • Ensuring that within the DEV and QA team the transfer of know-how and best practices is made both at the level of colleague, position, task and project;
  • Attention to detail, learning-oriented thinking and solutions;
  • Ability to solve problems;
  • Writing code in an organized and orderly manner;
  • Proactivity and curiosity;
  • Responsibility and compliance with deadlines;
  • Continuous improvement mindset.

Solution Architect role description:

The main responsibilities are:

  • Prioritization and examination of customer requirements;
  • Providing relevant clarifications and technical solutions appropriate to customer requests;
  • Analyzing the requirements / requests for the projects that are entering or are being implemented;
  • Identifying implementation alternatives, bringing pros and cons, from a technical and business perspective;
  • Tracking requirements, feedback from all parties involved and ensuring that teams are aligned, in terms of these needs, requests and priorities;
    – Must consider the aspects of performance, security, integration and use of the implemented processes;
  • Providing support to project managers in making a technical decision and estimating the effort required to implement them;
  • Documented to be up-to-date with recent, licensed or open-source services and products, so that they understand their strengths and can recommend them (if appropriate) to the management team.

Career development and benefits:

  • Employee career development is one of CustomSoft’s major values and we are dedicated to helping them take advantage of the right promotion and professional mobility opportunities for them;
  • A training plan (technical, product & functional) to ensure your performance and team integration;
  • Competitive salary package and real benefits;
  • Growth potential in an international oriented company;
  • Very friendly and relaxed work environment;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Bookster Pass;
  • 2 days of extra leave from the company (December 24 and 31);
  • Corporate gifts for various occasions (Easter, Christmas, birthday);
  • Team events;
  • Remote work.

Company description:

Present on the software market since 2006, CustomSoft has stood out in two business directions: e-commerce and customized software (web and mobile).

CustomSoft specializes in the development of business applications in fields such as e-commerce, automotive, retail, distribution, production or telecommunications.

CustomSoft is the creator of the Eva e-commerce platform, a top application in this field on the Romanian market.

CustomSoft is also a seller and implementer of the international e-commerce platforms VTEX, BigCommerce and Akinon.

VTEX provides companies with the first and only integrated Marketplace for commerce and order management by offering an innovative approach, ranging from passwordless online payment programs to services that allow stores to maximize the efficiency of business models and redefine how they work with customers. Suppliers and partners to deliver a unique consumer experience.

VTEX Commerce Cloud is a flexible platform based on an architectural network of microservices and various APIs that allow customers to develop scalable applications without a complex infrastructure.

Given the rapidly changing market and needs, BigCommerce is designed to improve the customer’s shopping experience and business agility, reduce costs, speed up market access, and more. BigCommerce is one of the most versatile and agile e-commerce platforms, offering innovation to keep companies ahead of the competition.

BigCommerce is one of the most important e-commerce cloud platforms globally, used by both well-known companies and growing companies. BigCommerce combines enterprise functionality with open architecture, an application ecosystem and top market performance. In this way, BigCommerce allows companies to increase online sales by 80% less cost, time and complexity than on-premises software.

Given all the rapid changes in this market, Akinon is designed to help companies grow and reduce geographic barriers, improve the customer experience, manage multiple websites on the same platform and, overall, gives companies an advantage to stay ahead of the competition.

Akinon is an omnichannel cloud-based trading platform, a suite of state-of-the-art applications. It has scalable functions that help stimulate the growth of your business. Akinon offers state-of-the-art omnichannel solutions for top brands worldwide, such as Samsung, Lacoste, Tefal, Samsonite, Marks & Spencer, Sephora, etc.

We try to approach each project starting from the client’s requirements, but completing with everything necessary so that the client’s expectations are always exceeded. We bring as much added value to the client in the budget he has at his disposal.

Well-developed internal procedures ensure a high quality of analysis, development, testing and project management services.

Our clients confirm this, choosing to work with us again every year. 30% of the new projects belong to our clients we have worked with before, and 40% are projects that come through recommendations.

The same passion we have since the beginning of our activity led to the creation of CustomSoft UK, US and Portugal. We believe that all companies should keep up with the evolution of the market, that’s why we did our mission to help them. Our presence in the United States, Great Britain and Portugal offers us the opportunity to use the knowledge we have acquired since, thus establishing our presence on the market.