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Unleash the E-commerce Boom: BigCommerce Leading the Way!

BigCommerce, a cutting-edge e-commerce platform, is tailor-made for today’s dynamic market. It improves the customers’ shopping experience, enhances business agility, reduces costs, accelerates go-to market, and more. With unmatched versatility and innovation, BigCommerce keeps companies ahead of their competitors.

As the world’s leading cloud e-commerce platform for established and rapidly growing businesses, BigCommerce combines enterprise functionality with an open architecture, app ecosystem, and market-leading performance. It enables businesses to achieve remarkable online sales growth with 80% less cost, time, and complexity compared to traditional on-premise software.

Powering B2B and B2C e-commerce across various sectors, from SMBs to Mid-Market entities and Fortune 1000 brands, BigCommerce offers streamlined workflows for optimized business growth.

Empowering E-commerce Innovation with BigCommerce

16+ years of experience in e-commerce

4 global offices in Romania, UK, USA and Portugal

Customers in over 120 countries use BigCommerce

Customer Experiences: Sharing Thoughts

CustomSoft was and still is an excellent partner for our e-commerce project because we felt safe, and we enjoyed their promptness, vast knowledge and excellent skills. The CustomSoft team is very friendly, and it was easy for us to work with them. They were very helpful, responsive, and attentive to details. We were always able to communicate with them, and the quality of the work done by the team meets our standards. We are convinced that we will continue to have a good long-term relationship. Furthermore, we are really satisfied with the final project and recommend CustomSoft for anything related to e-commerce.

Case study – Artsani

After the offline success, Artsani wanted to go to the next level and decided to enter the e-commerce market.

The binder that was the basis of the Artsani online store, which is addressed to customers from all over the country, is represented on one of the largest and most secure platforms in the USA, BigCommerce, an Open SaaS platform, and implemented by CustomSoft, which makes Artsani enjoy success in the offline environment, currently having 2 well-known and appreciated stores.

BigCommerce presents an impressive array of features and capabilities:

Modern buyer experience

Deliver a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience, that both B2C and B2B customers expect from you. Streamline the path to purchase with smart search technology.

Great performance

BigCommerce is fast, reliable and has top-notch security. It has a remarkable 20% faster server response time than other leading ecommerce platforms. Moreover, the built-in Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) further secures and enhances the digital experience.


Create stunning pages using the page builder’s visual editor without needing any coding skills. Customize themes and checkout processes easily to ensure your site is mobile-responsive, to provide a smooth and streamlined buying experience for your customers.

Excellent uptime

With an industry-leading median uptime of 99.99%, BigCommerce ensures your store is always open for business. Your customers can place orders whenever they wish to connect with you.

Cross-channel commerce

Expand your reach through marketplaces, multi-storefront, social commerce, and brick & mortar. You can be present wherever your customers are by opening your horizon to cross-channel commerce.

Lowest TCO for greater retained profit

Achieve the lowest total cost of ownership in comparison to traditional on-premise hosting. Escape the need for additional hardware, continuous oversight, maintenance, while enjoying a cost-effective solution without hidden costs.

Discover a versatile solution for innovative e-commerce

BigCommerce saves time and money with a SaaS platform that includes the much-needed functionality scaling.

The companies that choose BigCommerce always have access to the newest features, to keep up with the latest trends. The APIs allow for agile front-end innovation without the disruption of the backend infrastructure.  

BigCommerce is backed by a team of experts that work tirelessly to see your business maximize success, to provide guidance, support, tools, and to help your company grow and become better than before.

BigCommerce – A future-proof technology with customizable experiences to elevate your business.

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Embrace innovation to save time and reduce stress

BigCommerce helps businesses stay agile and headless while integrating with any solution to seize market opportunities, to unleash new experiences for customers. Experience a quick store launch that enables faster time to market, with a design that is not only beautiful, but functional, responsive, and easy to make.

BigCommerce helps businesses analyze their store performance metrics, integrate seamlessly with apps, sell on social channels, improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Build on a solid foundation

Enter a world where you design with freedom, operate without worry, and outperform your competition. Deliver lightning-fast experiences, tame operational complexity, spark creativity and craft a beautiful store experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

BigCommerce is a feature-rich platform that brings you robust tools and functionalities that help you quickly set up and manage efficiently a highly optimized online store.

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Grow smarter and sustainable

BigCommerce gives you the opportunity to capitalize on borderless commerce. Thanks to omnichannel, you will reach new global audiences. This growth potential is sustainable because BigCommerce is built to scale with robust catalog structures, and APIs that ensure peak performance.

You can integrate homegrown solutions and software to effortlessly adapt anything you need according to your requirements.

BigCommerce becomes your business partner

BigCommerce is dedicated to improving your business. The platform has cutting-edge features, BigCommerce ensures higher conversions, faster page loads, improved search rankings through built-in marketing and SEO tools, excellent security, and 99.99% system uptime.

All features are designed to meet the expectations of both B2C and B2B customers. BigCommerce empowers innovation for your brand, with a low cost of ownership, and enables you to sell everywhere.

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