10 tips and tricks for Christmas shopping in 2020

Christmas is approaching fast. Although this year was different from the others in many ways, we must not forget those around us. Given the current situation, our recommendation is to move towards online shopping sessions. You will spend less time shopping because you will avoid the congestion in stores, you will protect yourself by limiting… Read more »

Webinar “The new paradigm of online commerce”

CustomSoft is pleased to invite you to the webinar organized by KPMG, “The new paradigm of online commerce”. The webinar addresses various topics, such as news in the legislative and fiscal fields, online business accounting, and technical aspects related to the implementation of an online platform. The webinar is useful both for entrepreneurs and for… Read more »

CustomSoft invites you to the online event Romania and Portugal – Challenges and opportunities of the COVID-19 crisis

CustomSoft invites you to an online event about the Internationalization of business in the context of forced digitalization. The speakers come from both Romanian and Portuguese companies, and have expertise in e-commerce, cybersecurity, fintech, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and plenty of other interesting fields. The event takes place online on the 8th of September 2020,… Read more »

Eva e-commerce – the platform adapted to your needs

We all know that many industries are currently affected by the current crisis. Some of our partners and clients are part of these industries, and this has led us to make great efforts to help those in need. For many of us, life after Coronavirus will be completely changed. Current events are reshaping society in… Read more »

Need an Online Store NOW?

In the current context, companies face many obstacles that hinder or even stop their activity. Companies need to evaluate their current situation, rethink their plans in the short and medium-term, adjust their strategies and make the right decisions in a very short time. With these general changes, there have also been changes in the consumers’… Read more »

Work from home impressions – Alina Pavel

Last week we started to present the perspective of our colleagues at CustomSoft on the work from home. Today we present the perspective of our colleague, Alina Pavel. When Alina joined the team, she was in charge of the marketing part of the company, but her passion for sales and everything involved with the sales… Read more »

Work from home impressions – Flavia Neacsu

We thought of giving you a picture of how the work from home at CustomSoft works, all from the perspective of our team members. Today we see how our colleague Flavia Neacsu perceives work from home. Within the team, Flavia successfully holds the position of project manager. Here is her perspective on working from home:… Read more »

47 things to do when you have to stay home

Do you need ideas for when you need to spend more time at home? We have the right answers for you! We have made a complex list of activities that you can perform right from the comfort of your own home. Since we are in the age of technology, we divided the activities into two… Read more »

Want to maximize profit while minimizing human error? The RedAI app is the solution!

We are introducing RedAI. A product recognition solution for retail and HoReCa companies. The RedAI app is based on new technologies and it uses artificial intelligence and deep learning. You already know that better shelf positions have immense commercial benefits. They generate additional income that allows companies to keep growing and remain competitive. The companies… Read more »