Field Service Management

With the ability to work for multiple customers and subcontractors, this responsive, web-based system tracks, schedules and invoices saving you time and money

Task management

Manage regular maintenance tasks as well as unplanned requests for service according SLAs and available teams.
Manage client and active contracts, define SLAs as requested by each client but having these translated in absolute terms for you and your teams

Team management

Manage your team and team’s competencies and also match needed competencies with available agents and equipment /intervention necessities.
Have the main activities mapped on workflows, across teams, depending on activity complexity.

Subcontractor management

Manage subcontractor and allow them to use a tool to manage requests outsourced for them`.
Have a simplified interface accessible to field agents, that gives them easy and simplified access to the necessary information and action items.

Equipment management

Manage your clients , client’s locations and which equipment items are in each location.
Have a clear history log for each equipment: interventions, materials, people

Field Service Management