Custom projects

Custom applications offer significant advantages for business process management and digital transformation. Our tailor-made solutions allow your business to maximize its growth potential.

In this section we present just some custom software projects we have completed over the years. If you are interested in our expertise in a specific domain/business sector or would like to see more examples of our work, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

Enten Systems – Precision farming

Enten Systems is a company that has set up the concept of precision farming which involves farmland management taking into account the natural, specific variation of soils rather than their administrative division. […]more

IdealFlatmate – Flat sharing services

The idea of a flat mate is more and more common among the new generation therefore in this project CustomSoft had the opportunity to develop a web application based on an algorithm created and provided by the customer. […]more

Augsburg International – Sales bonus module

A reliable partner of the most consecrated automotive part manufacturers, Augsburg International is a trendsetter on the Romanian automotive market, with a business card that says “German quality”. […]more

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Automotive – Custom billing system

The customer is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the French market. They needed a system that generated invoices and that could connect with their operating system. […]more

Kick Off Events

We have taken over an older platform that they already had and have improved it in terms of functionalities and usability. […]more

Ringhel – MyAccount Platform

We have developed a platform that manages the processes involved in the calculation of the total payment for end customers of energy and gas supply distributor. […]more

Cadastre tracking portal for Total Survey

A portal that centralizes multiple databases records of cadastre files (,, in one place and informs the users by e-mail or SMS about their enquiry. […]more

Budgeting application for Alfredo

Using our budgeting application, Alfredo has efficiently tracked its expenses and income, resulting in a EUR 15 million growth in 2011, comparing to 2010. […]more

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