Fewer barriers, more possibilities

VTEX accelerates commerce transformation of global corporations with a platform that makes the complex simple by unifying all customer experiences.

Optimize and simplify your operations

Connect channels and integrate third-party solutions to streamline processes and gain real-time transparency with a flexible, API-first,  platform.

Expand your experience

Deliver seamless experiences across channels. Offer a personalized self-service experience with segmented pricing, promotions, customizable catalogs, and customer credit.

Empower your representatives

Already integrated with an array of ERPs, couriers, online payments and BI systems.

Empower your partners and distributors with an easy online ordering channel.

Boost sales cycle and offer the associate real-time data, customers information and features like re-order and segmented promotions.

Unify customer experiences

Once you get your channels unified, you can use their data to understand your customers’ needs and create unique experiences wherever they are.


Sales Rep Platform

Empower your partners with real-time data and useful information with an easy online ordering channel.

Customer  Self-service

Expand your sales channels and deliver a seamless experience to your customers.


Leverage your network of partners and representatives by creating a new way of selling and distributing.


  • personalized B2B – caliber experience;
  • advanced segmentation strategies;
  • B2B payment solutions;
  • real-time transparency.

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