• Eva B2B

    What’s the secret ingredient of a successful distributor?

    A B2B e-commerce platform. Let us level up your business.
  • Eva e-commerce

    Do you want to bring your business to the next level?

    With us, you can have an online store easy. Eva e-commerce is the solution! Contact us!
  • The Shard UK

    In need of software in the UK?

    Now we are present on the British market. Don’t hesitate, give us a call if you are interested.
  • Eva e-commerce

    Successfully used since May 2014 by evoMAG.ro, one of the top-3 online retailers in Romania
  • In the middle of nowhere?

    Want to connect to the Internet to post this splendid view on Facebook? Now you can, using technology developed by us
  • Driving a French car?

    1 out of 10 French cars use a billing system built by us
  • Repairing your car using your insurance company in Romania or Greece?

    There is 1 chance out of 4 that your repair shop uses software built by us to find the best parts for you

Who trusts us

DG International
TSG Romania
Augsburg International
Fresenius Kabi
Libra Internet Bank
Rinf Tech