Smart Business Management

Eva B2B allows the sales team to focus on maintaining relationships with the customers and finding new ones


20 to 30% of the sales team cost, which can be redirected to new sales effort; 10 to 15% sales increase through recommendations from customer behavior and purchasing history;

Multiple Benefits

100% less time spent on customer information: all information is easy to access in one single place; 100% less errors in selling over the credit limit, with the wrong price or with the wrong payment term.


Already integrated with an array of ERPs, couriers, online payments and BI systems

Triple Win

In the end, it’s a triple win: managers can collect and re-invest commissions applied to each transaction, vendors promote and sell their products smoothly, with minimal setup, while customers access a wider portfolio in an e-commerce area that interests them.

How can EVA B2B improve your business?