Eva e-commerce

Probably the best e-commerce solution for a successful business

Eva e-commerce


Since Eva’s creation, more than 250 front end and back end features developed especially for both B2B and B2C have generated the following metrics:


items on websites


orders per year


items delivered per year






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Made with Eva

Reliable, complex, robust

Eva is an e-commerce platform we’ve been perfecting since 2011. By tapping into more than 10 years of e-commerce experience, our team brings you an efficient way to manage your product catalog while offering your customers a perfectly smooth and complete experience.

Easy Product Management

Eva has a scalable architecture capable of managing an unlimited number of products and categories that you can easily manage and configure according to the required specifications.

Responsive Design

We treat each online shop individually for each business is different, which is why we will achieve a 100% responsive design to give your customers an optimized conversion experience, regardless of the device they use: from mobile and tablet to notebook or PC.

Digital Marketing Tools

Eva provides you the best and easy to use tools for increasing your sales: banners, landing pages and product recommendations.

A company that knows how to be the perfect business partner, either in times of financial crisis or blooming. We recommend them with full disclosure. They are young, dynamic, and result-oriented individuals.

Native Prebuilt Integrations

Eva allows you to develop your business right away by natively connecting to your existing ERP suites, POS systems, couriers web service or marketing automation tools.

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Cost optimization is one of our top priorities. If your store has a turnover of half a million euros and around 30 orders each day, here are the kinds of deductions you can expect:

Cost Savings by Automation

AWBs – up to 150 euros/month;

Invoices – up to 180 euros/month;

Receipts for individuals – up to 30 euros/month;

Receipts for businesses – up to 40 euros/month;

Warranty certificates – up to 150 euros/month;

Delivery slips – up to 40 euros/month.

Cost Savings by Control

Inventory control – up to 1000 euros/year;

Supplier price control – up to 5000 euros/year;

Number of customers – up to 25.000 euros/year in revenue increase;

Working hours (if you’re switching to online) – up to 2750 euros/year in revenue increase;

Upselling and cross-selling – up to 25.000 euros/year in revenue increase;

Loyalty programs – up to 55.000 euro/year in revenue increase.


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