– the biggest conversion from offline to online on Eva e-commerce

The Customer

Expo Market Doraly, founded in 1993, is a renowned developer of commercial spaces, warehouses and offices, located on both sides of DN2 in Afumati, Ilfov, 2 minutes from the Ring Road. In the 31 commercial pavilions, 550 companies, both manufacturers and distributors, and importers, which sell more than 550,000 products at the most attractive prices, carry out their activities.

Offline business with 25 years of experience in the brick-and-mortar business:

  • Over 550 suppliers in the commercial park;
  • Over 500 000 products that can be sold online;

In their own words:

Originally recognized for wholesale trade, Doraly anticipated market trends and dynamic customer behavior, so it has been constantly reinventing itself in recent years. Cash and Carry spaces were added to the portfolio, new pavilions were opened and the Doraly Marketplace project, an online sales channel for merchants in the commercial park, was developed.

The Challenge

  • A business going from a completely offline approach to an online environment;
  • A fast-growing business;

The Solution

  • Eva Marketplace was a perfect fit for starting the project;
  • Since it’s launch, in April 2018, the traffic grew massively, having a potential of becoming Europe’s AliBaba;


  • First true marketplace of Romania;
  • First online selling platform with prices depending on the quantity ordered.

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The only true Marketplace in Romania
    • A business going from a completely offline approach to an online environment