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Cosmin Costea

Cosmin has the e-commerce knowledge to help you, whether you sell products or services, or whether you sell to other companies or directly to consumers.

CustomSoft works with market leaders and challengers pursuing growth by applying novel and adaptive thinking to the most ambitious business scenarios. Innovation stays at the core of our processes as we combine cutting edge technologies with a trans-disciplinary know-how to discover the best solutions for our customers.

CustomSoft is a team ready to empower exponential impact for tomorrow’s economy.

Cosmin decided to gather his knowledge and share it as an e-commerce course. As early as 2010, he began to shape his own way of working, which I named: The 7 Pillars of the eCommerce Business.

Since then, for more 10 years he has been applying it and teaching his clients in Romania, in Europe and in the world, how to use it. He believes that it is the duty of each of us to find our own authenticity and to define our success in our own terms.

This is more than a course. It’s knowledge and advice.

If you have an online store, Cosmin wants to offer you a free 30-minute session in which to evaluate your business and identify solutions together.

Courses by Cosmin Costea

What are some things that you will learn about from our consultant?

Logistics & Support & Analysis

Strategy & Planning & Scaling & Techonology

Marketing & Customers & Segmentation

Team & Partners & Processes

Financial & Legal & Reporting

Commercial & Assortment & Sales

Sneak peek into what you will learn from Cosmin Costea:

How he helps you get results in e-commerce

  • Cosmin approaches the most compact version, e-commerce Essentials, for those who do not have time and want to capture the essence, the big picture;
  • Together with you, he works leisurely in e-commerce Masterclass, where you go into details, case studies and concrete examples from the students’ business;
  • You will go deep into a single topic and split it up until you get to the heart of the matter and the real concrete solutions that work – in e-commerce deep-dive courses.
  • Cosmin goes directly to the headquarters of your company (and in the warehouse) in a Consulting project in which he works side by side with your team until everything comes out properly.
  • From Chaos to Performance

    Earn more money in your eCommerce business without sacrificing your health and time. eComMasters Basics is the program that helps you optimize and manage your business models.

    Plenty of help and guidance

    Cosmin offers you a practical and experiential program. You will work together to develop the right strategy and plan for your business. Whether it’s a small, medium, large business, extremely niche or harder to understand.

    After you finish the program, you will know how to manage and optimize several business models, which are the best eCommerce platforms and how to get the most out of the tools you use.

    What you will notice as soon as you apply Cosmin’s method in your business:

  • You will have more free time, because you will know how to organize yourself and make effective decisions for your e-commerce business.
  • You will have a safe and proven direction, which scales your business and brings you more money.
  • You have lifetime access to the program, so you can go through it at your own pace and return to it every time you have a business problem.
  • You get practical assignments, not just theory

    For over 15 years, Cosmin has been helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their eCommerce business. And through personalized consulting sessions for your business, and through online courses designed based on the strategy I have developed over the years.

    The best investment in your business. Learn step by step how to expand your online business and make eCommerce profitable right away.

    The utmost importance of applying the knowledge you gain here is that it gives you a macro view on your business and this is the only way you can create an achievable development plan.

    Accelerate your business’ digital transformation!

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