The app went national – PRO TV News

The phone app that lets you keep in touch with your loved ones was presented on the „ I Like IT „ Show at PRO TV News. A short reminder that the app takes your favorites from your phone agenda, shows a history of interactions with them, allows you to set up meetings and… Read more »

Webstock 2013

The Romanian Webstock Awards offered recognition to the most creative & innovative projects in the romanian stage, in the past year. The App received 3rd place at Webstock 2013 in the Mobile Applications Category. From CRM to FRM

This year Victor Miron pitched at Startup Weekend Cluj the idea of a mobile application named helps you keep in touch with the important people in your life. Through the application you can set how often you want to interact with your favorites: daily, weekly or monthly. The idea started from the business… Read more »

The phone app that reminds you who your FAVORIT.ES are

Octavian Dumitrescu and Victor Miron are two close friends passionate about people and technology. And not only for this sole reason, they built a smartphone app that lets you keep track and remind you of the important people in your life. It’s more than just calling, it’s keeping a close relationship with life’s most fun… Read more »

CustomSoft launches the evoMAG iOS App

This iOS Application for our client, evoMAG, will help keep better client connectivity and allow iOS platform users to easily purchase and browse products. Through our application, users can order products in 3 easy steps: Choose category Select desired product Add to cart and finish order The app is free and available in AppStore.–evoMAG-pentru-iPhone–21–124.html

PayU – Development Partnership

PayU Romania is the leading local online payments integrator, having processed 87% of the volumes realized by online shops in 2006 – 2012 and over 10 million transactions. Since 2004, PayU has helped companies increase their online sales with an integrated, easy to use ecommerce platform that puts together a multiple payment methods management system,… Read more »

SEO Monitor – Development Partnership

CustomSoft proudly announces a partnership with SEO Monitor for better development in the online sector. Thousands of people “google” everyday – from services to products and information. SEO Monitor is one of the best providers for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solutions in Romania with a large portfolio of famous brands and satisfied clients. Their strategy… Read more »

Internships at CustomSoft

CustomSoft has always supported students and freshly graduates through an internship program. Our purpose is to facilitate the change from the academic environment to a rigorous, corporate workplace. We are constantly searching for creative, talented and perseverant young individuals who stand out, through technical and communication skills, and are always ready for a new challenge…. Read more »

Continuous evolution in the eCommerce segment –

In a constantly changing online environment you must keep up or drop in rankings. Our client and long-time business partener is doing just that – after intense research for the best solution for his clients, we have developed and deployed the new evoMAG design. It enables our developement team to continually adjust the site to… Read more »