Contexpert is a leading Romanian company in the field of accounting, consulting, payroll and audit services. The company was born 15 years ago from a bold initiative and has become a successful business through total dedication of management and employees. At present, Contexpert is a respected company in the Romanian business environment, with a portfolio of over 350 national and multinational companies carrying out significant market figures.

The constantly ascendant evolution of the company and its reputation are due to a sustained activity governed by basic principles such as: identifying and fulfilling the requirements of the clients, business quality, business ethics, increasing the responsibility of each employee for the continuous improvement of the quality of the services rendered, the accumulated experience, and the professionalism of the members of the organization.

The company has made a major goal of the professional approach of each portfolio project, regardless of its size or challenges. Also, team priorities include partnering with clients through successful project management. In this sense, each member of the team organizes their activity with a lot of passion and professional energy, based on communication, professionalism and solutions applied to the individual needs of each client.

Their specialists make the most of their resources, from their own expertise to the organizational infrastructure, to the advantage of their customers. In order to provide excellent services, it is constantly concerned with the professional training of experts to keep up with the changes in the legislative – fiscal framework, so that the project management is carried out according to the current national, European standards.

In order to increase the customer portfolio, their satisfaction, fulfill the contractual obligations, to plan, realize, supervise and improve all relevant activities from a qualitative point of view, Contexpert has implemented and maintains the Quality Management System according to SR EN ISO 9001 : 2008.

The services provided by Contexpert in the field of accounting, fees, payroll and audit services are complete. The expertise of the company’s specialists covers the entire requirements register of any Romanian and international companies that carry out their business in Romania: accounting, payroll and human resources, audit, consulting. In addition, Contexpert has developed a course platform dedicated to people who want specialization and professional development in accounting.

Contexpert is a member of CECCAR, CAFR, CCFR

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