Sales Manago

SALESmanago is all-in-one, next-generation marketing automation software used by marketing & sales teams in over 10 000 companies of all sizes.

SALESmanago identifies people visiting the website, analyzes their online behaviour and transactions to build complete individual customer profiles. This data is then processed by Machine Learning & AI algorithms and reasoning engine to automatically deliver fully personalized, predictive offers and customer experience to the right person in the right time in all marketing channels:

  •  E-Mail Marketing;
  •  Live Chat;
  •  Customers’ Website;
  •  Web Push;
  • Social Media;
  • Mobile Applications;
  •  Advertising Networks (Facebook, Google) and RTB.

Using SALESmanago workflows can automate any kind of marketing process imaginable and achieve very quick improvements of e-mail marketing effectiveness, website conversion rates and sales teams productivity.

Their simple wizards in the system allow customers to make great things without the help of an IT team.

Their customers love the way SALESmanago cooperates with them. They sign month-to-month agreements and offer free onboarding and training, making marketing automation project success a common challenge for them and their customers.

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