Sameday Courier


Sameday Courier is a niche company on the Romanian express delivery market, focusing on the delivery to the consignee of the shipments on the day they are picked up, whether it is transport at the local, national or international level. They are also preoccupied with offering tailor-made, flexible solutions for those partners with specific peculiarities.

Since 2007, they have been active in the e-commerce area and in emergency supplies at controlled temperature for medical companies. Flower deliveries started in 2011. In 2013, they entered the food delivery segment at the local level, became active in the postal delivery area and continue to launch new services that meet the current needs of the clients, closely following the trends in the field.

Differentiation also comes from innovative formulas that address many aspects of the company, formulations designed to deliver a full range of services, both standardized and specific, at speed and quality, at a global cost less for the client.

It offers premium quality services in a 100% money-back guarantee system, using for the first time in Romania the fastest multimodal transport formulas. The quality of service is based on the experience of specialists who have been active for many years in the field, good market connoisseurs and customer needs.

Expertise, the complex and flexible work systems used, allow us to conceive and offer on-demand to our clients not just “same day” delivery services. At the same time it offers dedicated services, personalized logistics solutions, perfectly adapted to their needs. Also, using both own resources and solid partnerships with different subcontractors selected according to the particularities of the received requests, they can also offer in advantageous conditions other courier services in “overnight” system, especially if they are preferred by client to work with a single vendor.