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Smartbill solves a good part of the problems of Romanian companies (invoicing, stocks, reporting).

SmartBill’s mission is to become the best friend of the Romanian entrepreneur, thus aiming to help small entrepreneurs to grow their business both through the product offered and through the know-how they have, or can put to work through partners and experts in various fields.

Smartbill has multiple advantages for the customer:

  • Issuing invoices, receipts, notices, proforms;
  • More languages and currencies, cancellation, payment in advance, etc.;
  • It does all calculations, eliminates errors;
  • Takes over the clients’ data from the internet and the exchange rate;
  • Memorizes everything and autocompletes later when needed;
  • Documents with a professional aspect, which represents the client’s image;
  • It has 3 key facilities that speed up the collection rate of invoices: report of uncollected invoices, notifications of bad paying customers, and payment of your invoices with the card;
  • It is easy to use;
  • It has intelligent reports;
  • Allows the addition of an unlimited number of users with different rights for each;
  • Access anywhere, anytime, from any device (applications for Android and iOS included);
  • Low price per month;
  • Security against cyber attacks;
  • Integration with online stores and other applications (APIs and plugins);
  • Dedicated Customer Service team.
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