theStartups :


  • Covers all business needs in the industry;
  • Business consulting;
  • Website audit;
  • Financial advising;
  • Marketing & branding strategy;
  • Commercial planning;
  • Operational & logistics solutions;
  • Development strategy;
  • Organisational strategy;
  • Technology advising;
  • BI, architecture and infrastructure;
  • Training & workshops.


  • Delivering customised e-commerce solutions, designed to help companies earn a fair place among competitors;
  • Adapt their practices to the latest tools and technologies, so they know what solutions to recommend and how to implement them;
  • Using creative thinking and analytical skills to build strategies that generate business growth.

Target: Medium and large companies who activate or have a strong interest in the e-commerce industry.


  • Sustainable startups who want to develop a business from scratch;
  • Ongoing online players who are determined to grow and expand their business;
  • Offline retailers who decide to transform their businesses into a digital success.

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