It all started in 2005 as soon as mobile communication became more and more accessible to the general public, and companies in Romania understood that they can raise customer relationships to another level or reduce costs by simply using SMS in place classical and resource-consuming methods. Thus, an important part of the high costs of call center or promotion have been reduced and replaced by SMS, and implicitly the need for dedicated competence in this field was born, the competence that was supposed to meet the most demanding needs.

web2sms was born after an idea by the founder who imagined a service through which a client can access a site where he can buy sms packets and directly from the web interface can send sms to existing clients or potential.

6 years later, web2sms became the most powerful marketing and communication platform in Romania, responsible for delivering over 40,000,000 sms annually and used in almost all areas of activity

Together with their clients and partners, they have set out to build the most complete communication and marketing platform in Romania.

They believe that it is their duty to deliver the flexibility and service of the best quality to their clients, but at the same time they have an obligation to contribute to defining best practices in the field and to encourage others to follow them.

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