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In 2003 they were the first to bring the concept of email marketing to Romania. They wanted to show that email marketing means more than a simple email. Since then, they show everything behind an email and, especially, how one-to-one communication needs to be done to get the expected results.

They are more than an email marketing service provider, they are passionate about email marketing.

Since 2003, White Image has been improving. It creates and implements new services, tools, products, so that all their customers benefit from successful email marketing campaigns. They consider that creative thinking is an important part of this success.

Their mission is to help build relevant messages to meet the needs of those who are addressing them, and to reward them by making acquisitions and being loyal. Their mission is to build a solid reputation for their customers through their know-how.

White Image is the only agency specialized in email marketing full service in Romania. They are supporters of the fight against spam and prove this every day with every campaign sent. They are here to advise how to create a solid relationship with subscribers and clients, a relationship based on continuous dialogue, listening to their needs.

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