B2B e-commerce guide

Find out everything you need to know before purchasing a B2B e-commerce platform.

This guide is ideal if you are at the first implementation of a B2B e-commerce platform. If you are not in this situation, the guide is a way to update your knowledge and can be used as a checklist for the current platform.


Who is this guide helpful for?

  • Distributors and manufacturers;
  • Business owners;
  • CEOs;
  • Marketing specialists;
  • People interested in B2B e-commerce.


The guide is based on our experience not only in B2B e-commerce but also in B2C e-commerce. You will find out what are the first steps to follow in B2B e-commerce, what are the advantages of a platform for distributors and manufacturers, how to improve the shopping experience of B2B customers, and other useful information.

This guide is also useful for B2B e-commerce and digitization enthusiasts who are aware of the benefits it brings to the business.

With efficient planning and preparation, nothing stands in the way of launching a successful B2B e-commerce platform on time and within budget!

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