Strategic partnerships to solve the diverse needs of organizations

Reinvent Consulting began a long process of enlarging the portfolio of services offered to customers – freelancers, companies, individual and family enterprises, associations or foundations, and other organizations. In this regard, it will close collaboration with companies whose services meet the needs of IMM companies. Is the first partnership signed with the company CustomSoft.

CustomSoft team develops software solutions tailored to customer needs. Applications can be built entirely on the analysis performed with the client company. With their client, the company’s work is much relieved. It optimizes flow and business management, customer relationships have improved dramatically and suppliers, increase employee satisfaction. CustomSoft ensure full process: from consulting and analysis, development, implementation and testing, and training and technical support.

Customers can contact these services, even Reinvent Consulting headquarters. Octav Dafinoiu, Director of Research and Development companies operating under the brand Reinvented Consulting, said: “I ​​required a partner with software programming experience but at the same time be very agile, easy to align customer needs. Experience and results of CustomSoft company relating to evoMAG and AlfredoFoods were decisive in the choice.”

So, besides the whole range of operations related to the Trade Registry incorporation of companies, registration markings, closures and canceled, besides hosting services headquarters and financial and accounting records, the commercial consultancy, tax lawyers, audit, and recording the OSIM, project management and reorganization of companies, Reinvented Consulting offers its clients in developing software solutions essential activities that, until recently, were only available to companies that could afford costs tens of thousands to hundreds a thousand euros.

Reinvent Consulting the brand reinforces its integrated services in the field of commercial, legal, financial, tax and business management. From support services to services that require high expertise, Reinvented Consulting team is committed to helping determinant of business success of its customers.

CustomSoft is an agile player of the industry. It gathered over six years experience on major projects data processing and analysis, inventory management, fleet management, document management, automation, gaming, production activities, e-commerce, mobile applications. Among the company’s partners include renowned evoMAG, Alfredo Foods, Casino Mirage, Astra Insurance.