Tips to lower online shopping fears and anxiety

Purchasing goods and services online has become a common practice among many people around the world. Some choose to make online purchases for convenience, others because of the competitive price offered by some e-commerce platforms.

Tips to lower online shopping fears and anxiety

In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016, according to

However, aswe said in the previous article, online shoppers still face a number of fears.Read below and find out some tricks to combat e-commerce related fears.

Always open in HTTPS

Don’t forget that even though is just a letter the s in Https stands forsecure

Press appearances

If articles have been publishedin the press where your online store has been remembered, do not hesitate tolet your customers know.

Cash on delivery

Cashon delivery is still a valuable tool in increasing your customers’ trust. Theyfeel more safe to pay for the goods after being handed over to them.

Don’t be too generous with the discounts

Thecases of online fake stores that offer massive discounts and take advantage of naïvecustomers have increased the mistrust in sales that seem too good to be true.

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