Impressions about working from home at CustomSoft from our colleague, Alina Pavel

Last week we started to present the perspective of our colleagues at CustomSoft on the work from home. Today we present the perspective of our colleague, Alina Pavel.

When Alina joined the team, she was in charge of the marketing part of the company, but her passion for sales and everything involved with the sales process, led her to make a change in her career, also within the CustomSoft team.

Work from home

The biggest challenge: organizing everything

Because we are a family with 2 children that go to school, and both parents work from home, and their classes are now online, for me the biggest challenge was to organize the whole family program so that we have time both together and separate, for everybody to take care of their own activities. One of the goals I set myself was to eat the main meals together as a family, and that’s why, although it is very tempting to sleep longer in the morning (as we just don’t go anywhere) we woke up early and had breakfast at the same time. Then we chose the rooms in which each one will work and we started our daily activities again, meeting again at noon and in the evening.

What I like: I like that I can take a break at any time to charge my batteries, hug, my kids or husband. I like to be with my family, and now we have more time in the evening to play or watch a movie together. I like that I can help my children with homework when they need it.

What I dislike: I am a person who takes “charges” positively when interacting with other people, and I know that I am among the lucky people who are part of a cool team, and I miss my colleagues.

The advantages of working from home: I don’t waste time in traffic, or think about what I want to wear the next day, I don’t waste time with makeup, save money and last but not least, spend more time with my loved ones.

Bonus: Alina chose to introduce us to her new office colleague 🙂

Work from home

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