Laptop wih different technology icons atound (wifi, smartphone, globe)

Technology trends in 2023

There has never been a period of technological dormancy; the next revolutionary development is always just around the corner. What is cutting edge right now can […]more

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What You Need to Know About PaaS and SaaS

Cloud – a hot topic nowadays for both small and big businesses. According to a report by Marketsandmarkets, the global cloud computing market size is expected […]more

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Physical Inventory Management

Physical inventory is the count of the goods that you have in stock. These means the goods that have been counted by volume, weight, measurements, and […]more

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Artificial Intelligence in Logistics

Technological advancements are transforming numerous industries, and logistics is one of them. Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized logistics. This technology automatizes plenty of processes, which leads […]more

Face detection

Essential facts about facial recognition

Facial recognition generation has grown rapidly during the last decade, and it could be difficult to keep up with all the developments. The development in three […]more


How to integrate AI in your business

Artificial intelligence (or AI) is one of the most popular technologies used today in the business environment. This is largely due to a diverse set of […]more

Headless commerce

Is headless commerce suitable for you?

Headless commerce is a commercial architecture that allows the separation of the front-end and the back-end. A headless architecture allows more flexibility, complexity, and agility for […]more