Face detection

Essential facts about facial recognition

Facial recognition generation has grown rapidly during the last decade, and it could be difficult to keep up with all the developments. The development in three […]more


How to integrate AI in your business

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Headless commerce

Is headless commerce suitable for you?

Headless commerce is a commercial architecture that allows the separation of the front-end and the back-end. A headless architecture allows more flexibility, complexity, and agility for […]more

AI Help

What can AI do for your business?

Automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics are advancing rapidly, leading to major changes in companies both in terms of processes and available jobs. Artificial intelligence has great […]more

Composable commerce

How composable commerce can help you

Traditional e-commerce platforms offer a solution suitable for everyone from a single supplier, many with the basic capabilities to set up and run an online store. […]more


Artificial intelligence in everyday life

Artificial intelligence has become the keyword that defines the future. However, when we hear news about artificial intelligence, we can assume that it has nothing to […]more

Need an Online Store NOW?

In the current context, companies face many obstacles that hinder or even stop their activity. Companies need to evaluate their current situation, rethink their plans in […]more

Augmented reality

Augmented reality and its benefits in e-commerce

Augmented reality (or AR) is, according to The Concise Fintech Compendium, „an enhanced version of the physical, real-world reality of which elements are superimposed by computer-generated […]more