Voice search

Voice search in e-commerce

Voice search has recently gained a lot of popularity. As a result of smartphones becoming an essential tool in everyday life, voice search started to be […]more

Custom solution

Custom solution or not? What is better?

Businesses are always in need of solutions for various operations like day-to-day activities, customer service, development, and others. A custom solution is perfect to fit the […]more

latest Google Update

News about the latest Google Update

Google confirmed the existence of a significant update in progress for the ranking algorithm in a Twitter post. According to the news, the update is the […]more

Webstock 2013

Webstock 2013

The Romanian Webstock Awards offered recognition to the most creative & innovative projects in the romanian stage, in the past year. The Favorit.es App received 3rd […]more

Favorit.es: From CRM to FRM

Favorit.es: From CRM to FRM

This year Victor Miron pitched at Startup Weekend Cluj the idea of a mobile application named Favorit.es. Favorit.es helps you keep in touch with the important […]more