Want to maximize profit while minimizing human error? The RedAI app is the solution!

We are introducing RedAI. A product recognition solution for retail and HoReCa companies. The RedAI app is based on new technologies and it uses artificial intelligence and deep learning.

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You already know that better shelf positions have immense commercial benefits. They generate additional income that allows companies to keep growing and remain competitive.

The companies that understand the importance of the monetization of their investment are the companies that will always grow and be successful.

RedAI is a user-friendly app that delivers immediate results on your device in correlation with the indicators that you have defined previously.

Probably you are wondering how does RedAI work. It’s very simple, RedAI works in four steps:

RedAI Processing Results
  • A sales rep comes to a point of sale. A point of sale can be, for example, a retail store that offers the targeted products on a shelf, or a bar with a refrigerator, etc.
  • The sales rep uses a mobile phone or tablet with the RedAI app to take a photo of the shelves and upload it to a special repository.
  • An artificial intelligence system scans the photo based on brand recognition software.
  • Business intelligence reports give a detailed analysis of what is really inside the shelves in that location. For example: how many bottles of the targeted product are on the shelves, how are they lined up, are there any other drinks besides the target brand inside.

The app also guides the user on how to take photos on larger-format shelves to create a panorama view of the shelf and the products placed on it.

To sum up what the app does in a single sentence, RedAI detects, classifies, and delivers complete analysis of your total market share per category, packaging, planogram compliance, and the KPI metrics that you prioritize as your sales and marketing goals.

RedAI Processing results

Businesses with multiple stores are probably wondering:

  • What is happening in every store?
  • What feedback do they rely on?
  • How do they measure bought market share space or planogram compliance?

All of the above are prone to human error but RedAI offers the solution and peace of mind for all these problems.

RedAI is the complete digitization of assets while optimizing expenses and increasing income. It is a win-win solution in a powerful and user-friendly app. 

“What is the most important part of this solution?” you might be asking. We have the answer: the RedAI artificial intelligence neural network scans the photo based on brand and packaging.

The RedAI artificial intelligence neural network, accompanied by business intelligence reports can provide a detailed analysis report of key competitors, their market share, and every point of sale channel, new SKU launch, additional shelf exposure investment and other critical information that can help modify business strategy. RedAI enhances profit forecasting.

The RedAI app performs visual perception and brand recognition, the results, and reports you get will allow you to get a clear insight into what is happening in the stores and effectively act on it while saving time.

“OK, so what’s in for me?”

You get complete data integration with no risk of human error and detailed analysis for every sales channel.

Furthermore, RedAI can correlate with other system reports: SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, and many more.

The system can track if a point of sale hasn’t ordered any product for the week, while two shelves are empty or contain the competition. RedAI stores all the necessary data to a relational database management system then the processing layer manages photo documentation and usage rights. The core of this layer is the artificial intelligence neural system, which teaches the app to recognize and manage photo documentation and detect, classify and deliver fully automated data.

To fit any user, the app also has plugins that integrate into existing business processes or third-party systems. The app can be used on a mobile phone, tablet or third-party software.

RedAI is a web-based app as well that permits other departments to access the collected data for better data analysis and compliance planning. Integration with other software is possible for better insight and correlation with other relevant data.

Do you want to find out more about this awesome app? Check out this video! For further questions, we encourage you to contact us through the contact form from the left side of the page.