Starting an online shop

Starting an online shop is something exciting. You have the opportunity to present yourself to the world. Before doing that you have to make sure everything is sorted out and ready for the big reveal. Here is a list of 10 things to consider when you want to start an online shop. 1. Organize your… Read more »

How to choose your custom software developer

The software that you use in your company is essential and can influence the way your business works. Nowadays there is significant competition on every market and businesses who don’t catch up with technology and who don’t have a proper software system get overtaken by the competitors. With this in mind, companies must be cautious… Read more »

The solution your online shop needs to sell more

Do you want a higher conversion rate, fewer abandoned shopping carts, better Facebook and Google ads, and access to Google and Facebook functionality before the general public? We then meet you with our partner, an incredibly customizable marketing software, and one of the few CEE companies that is both a Google Premier Partner and… Read more »

Customer Pain Points: how to identify and what to do about them?

This article is meant to help you understand what a customer point is, how to identify pain points on how to deal with them, and how Customsoft helps their customers solve theirs. The customer pain point can be defined as the specific problem that prospective customers are experiencing. Businesses can create solutions that help customers… Read more »

Is e-Commerce the future of retail?

It is 2019. The world surrounding us is evolving at a high pace, and you can read about AI in e-commerce and e-commerce trends on lots of websites. We even perceive time as passing way faster than it used to 10 years ago. How are this affecting people? Is e-commerce the future of retail? As… Read more »

Claim your free SEO audit from DWF – SEO Agency!

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” – Phil Frost The term “organic traffic” is used for referring to the visitors that land on your website as a result of unpaid (“organic”) search results. Organic traffic is the opposite of paid… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) does a job we weren’t necessarily crazy about doing anyway, it does it quietly, and well, and then we take it for granted – Seth Godin Technology brings significant changes to our shopping habits. E-commerce is enhancing this whole buy-sell experience, both for sellers and consumers. Why choose Eva e-Commerce? Artificial intelligence… Read more »

Importance of social media in the business to business environment

Social media has a significant impact on daily life, being an essential tool of communication. The reality is that in B2B markets people don’t buy from companies without searching them online first. We have gathered nine reasons why using social media in the business to business environment is essential. 1. SEO and link building Links… Read more »

E-commerce trends for 2019

As 2019 almost ends its’ first trimester, it is the perfect time to discuss e-commerce trends. Interacting and purchasing goods is now an endless 24/7 cycle. Because of this, the customer journey has also adapted by merging online and in-store. Worldwide it is estimated that retail e-commerce sales will reach $4.8 trillion. Also, the number… Read more »

News about the latest Google Update

Google confirmed the existence of a significant update in progress for the ranking algorithm in a Twitter post. According to the news, the update is the „broad” type, not a specifical one, and has the role in upgrading the quality of results generally. The update is global, and it was launched at the same time…. Read more »