Casino Tracking System

The Customer

Electronic casino located in the largest shopping center in Bucharest, equipped with 7 roulettes and 82 electronic video slots. The casino is part of an international chain.

The Challenge

Lack of an integrated meter-tracker machine and a way to control the employees when dealing with the money received from customers.

The Solution

A complex tracking and verifying system of electronic machines in a casino with the following features:

  • daily records of electronic meters and mechanical machines
  • daily records of cash operations
  • daily records of counting banknotes for machines equipped with bill-acceptor
  • allows multiple types of data control and highlighted data confrontation
  • data is easily entered, taking into account the previously entered data
  • can make numerous reports and graphs on the outcome or the number of games of a machine or group of machines
  • better experience with your cash-flow and bill-acceptor
  • specialized reports for cash and meters differences
  • several configurable access levels
  • defining any account for each machine
  • flexible reports, based on defining different formulas
  • reports can be made in different currencies
  • encrypted database, user and password access-based system
  • reports: charts, statistics, cash reports, mechanical meters required by the authorities, reports on demand


  • evidence for received funds by employees and received funds from players
  • rigorous possibility of clients and employees control

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