PTC Online

PTC Online

Multi-store developed on Eva e-commerce

The Customer

PTC Online is a special customer for us because together we built the multi-store option on Eva e-commerce platform.

Having the mission to find the best products on their market segment, to offer their customers the best value for money and wanting to be present in every car in Romania through the products they sell, PTC Online is an important supplier of car accessories.

The Challenge

The customer wanted to create a range of online stores with products from the same market segment

The Solution

We have implemented Eva e-commerce with an option to manage both products, stocks, and orders from the same management interface for all four online stores.

We went through various situations where we needed solutions, so we pushed the limits. Every time we managed to find a solution through understanding, support and continuity.


• One administration area for all online stores;

• Tripling the number of arrivals and doubling incomes one year after launch;

• Important savings for the client from the point of view of the human resources involved;

• Order databases and different clients for each store, but manageable from the same interface;

• Managing stocks and products, and posting them on sites is simple and is made from a single administration interface for all four online stores.

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