Medical cloud-based app for tracking supplies

A cloud-based mobile app, dedicated to healthcare facilities and vendors, that makes it easy to track medical supplies.

The customer

A medical software start-up company focused on automating procedural workflow within healthcare systems. They are dedicated to moving digital solutions forward with a mobile platform to make workflow work for doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators. They believe that it’s time to ditch the paperwork.

The challenge

The majority of healthcare professionals use a smartphone in their daily life. This creates an opportunity for mobile health technology to become a more valuable tool for them while they’re at work. The constant growth of the mobile health app market offers great potential for new entrants in the healthcare sector.

Despite the variety of mobile health apps on the market, there was a strong need for an app that enables the tracking of supplies used during surgical procedures, and that will easily connect healthcare administrators, medical staff, and suppliers.

The solution

We have developed a cloud-based app (currently under NDA) that makes it easy to track medical supplies, dedicated to healthcare facilities and vendors.

How it works: medical staff and sales representatives can easily scan products via the mobile app. This creates a summary of the supplies used during surgical procedures, eliminating the need for paperwork, while reducing human errors, and payment delays.

After scanning, the data is sent to the cloud, where all parties involved can view the data, submit comments, and finalize the purchase orders and invoices.

The app is user-friendly and its workflow is easy to understand and remember. Users are able to:

  • Create a New Case, using the information related to the surgical procedure attended;
  • Scan the materials with the help of the barcode scanner functionality from within the app;
  • Show the Summary Screen to the medical staff in charge of reviewing. This screen contains a list of the products scanned during the procedure;
  • Capture in the app the signature of the person validating the quantities and the receipt of the products used during the procedure;
  • Submit the Case for review.

The Leafless mobile app creates real-time digital transaction processes to automate, authenticate, and drive transparency in each surgical procedure.


  • Less human errors, eliminate the time spent summarizing the supplies used during surgical procedures, and enhanced efficiency;
  • Improved experience, data security, and easy access to historical data;
  • Reduced paperwork and accurate real-time data.

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