Cadastre tracking portal for Total Survey

The Customer

The company offers a wide range of topo-geodetic services. Holding arrays of specific equipment, combined with extensive knowledge of the staff, the company is able to address a vast range of services in the field.
Since 2006, they have emphasized their intention and capacity to expand, as well as to offer their services in Europe.

The Challenge

Since the cadastral databases in Romania are not integrated, verifying the cadastre files in a short time is extremely difficult, a valuable amount of time being lost in accessing each database separately, in each county.

The Solution

A portal that centralizes multiple databases records of cadastre files (,, in one place and informs the users by e-mail or SMS about their enquiry.
The site is designed to assist individuals or legal entities authorized to perform surveying services in Romania. The main purpose of the application is to minimize the time spent with monitoring cadastral records filed with OCPI on different databases.
Accessing public information system automatically picks Cadastral sites across Romania generating user-friendly reports. Updates are made at intervals of 4 hours and if there are changes to previous status, the user is informed via e-mail or SMS, sent automatically.


This application allows authorized personnel to check the status of cadastral files submitted to OCPI for approval. Designed for the ease of tracking cadastre files, it reduces the time spent checking by up to 95%.

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