evoMAG.ro e-commerce app (iOS & Android)

Native Android, and iOS mobile app that help users access exclusive shopping offers and buy what they need from their device

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The Customer

E-commerce website, on the market since 2005 with :




user accounts


products listed

The Challenge

In a world where more and more of online shopping is made from mobile devices, the client had to find a way to keep up with the market trends. CustomSoft’s challenge was to develop a mobile application that offers customers the same shopping experience as a web portal.

The Solution

CustomSoft designed and implemented native Android, and iOS mobile applications that will help people to get access to exclusive shopping offers and buy what they need from their device.

The apps had over 20 000 downloads and one of the most useful features was push notifications which helped the customer to communicate efficiently his offers and the visitors to be informed in time about sales and discounts for products that interest them.

A company that knows how to be the perfect business partner, either in times of financial crisis or blooming. We recommend them with full disclosure. They are young, dynamic, and result-oriented individuals.


  • Development of personalized solutions tailored to the customer’s business;
  • Rapid response for any situation;
  • Consultancy services for development.

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